In pictures: Zimbabwe's Cecil the lion

Cecil the lion was a favourite with the tourists who visited Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park. Here's a selection of some of their photos:

Image copyright Thomas Joyce
Image caption Before he was killed on 1 July, Cecil was a major attraction for visitors as he would allow vehicles to get close to him - and even followed this one allowing them to get close up images.
Image copyright Ed Hetherington
Image caption Cecil led two prides containing six lionesses and 12 cubs along with another lion called Jericho.
Image copyright Ronna Tom
Image caption Following his death, his own six cubs will be killed as the new lion who takes over the pride will not allow them to live, conservationists say.
Image copyright Paula French
Image caption The 13-year-old was recognisable because of his large size and distinctive shaggy black mane.
Image copyright Ronna Tom
Image caption He was being studied by lion conservation researchers at Oxford University and wore a GPS collar that allowed them to track him.
Image copyright Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
Image caption Walter Palmer, a US dentist from Minnesota, is believed to have paid about $50,000 (£32,000) to hunt down Cecil.
Image caption Trophy hunting is big business and in 2013, 49 lion head "trophies" were exported from Zimbabwe.
Image copyright Paula French
Image caption It is alleged that bait was used to lure the lion outside Hwange National Park during a night-time pursuit. Mr Palmer says he thought the hunt was legal and was unaware Cecil was protected.

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