Tanzania elections in pictures

Voter turnout is high in Tanzania's most competitive general election since independence, with the governing CCM party's 54-year hold on power threatened by the new opposition Ukawa coalition:

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption There are long queues of voters, in contrast to previous polls where the outcome was never in doubt
Image copyright AFP
Image caption Men are standing in their own queues at some polling stations....
Image copyright AFP
Image caption And women have formed their own lines in the socially conservative East African state
Image caption Some voters feel mothers with children should have had their own queues as well
Image caption The elderly, disabled and pregnant are, however, being given preference
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Image caption The vote is for both presidential and parliamentary elections
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Image caption There have been no major glitches so far
Image caption Some voters have had to travel long distances to areas where they registered to vote
Image caption Bus drivers are unhappy that they have not been given time off to go and vote
Image caption Most markets in the main city Dar es Salaam have, however, been shut

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