In pictures: Tanzania anger over Dar es Salaam demolitions

Image caption Tanzania's government has begun to demolish houses in an area of the main city of Dar es Salaam that is prone to flooding, leaving hundreds of people homeless.
Image caption The National Environment Management Council wants to clear the valley so water is able to pass through without getting blocked. About a dozen people died in flooding in the city last year.
Image caption About 700 homes have been demolished so far. Many of the residents work near the big Kariakoo market.
Image caption Businessman Abdallah Chibuga said he went to work one morning and when he came back his house was gone. The authorities say residents were warned two weeks before work began.
Image caption Mohamoud Shabiki says his children are now staying with relatives. He and his wife are now living in a makeshift shelter on the site of his old home.
Image caption The father of three says his parents lived here for many years and have a title deed, which proves ownership - and he wants compensation.
Image caption Last week, some residents of Mkwajuni valley went to court to stop the destruction. It issued a temporary order granting a reprieve to some.
Image caption Structures with title deeds cannot now be flattened, but as most do not have them, the demolition work has been continuing. About 15,000 houses have been earmarked in total.
Image caption The court case is not over - and the government has yet to argue its case for a complete clearing of the area.
Image caption It has promised to pay an undisclosed amount of compensation to those who can provide title deeds.
Image caption But Mr Chibuga, who has constructed this makeshift toilet over the area of his old bathroom, does not know how long he will have to wait for the money he says he is owed.
Image caption Photos: Sammy Awami and Tulanana Bohela, BBC Dar es Salaam

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