Benin anti-voodoo sect members die of asphyxiation

A survivor of the weekend incident in Adjarra, Benin. Photo: 29 January 2017 Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Several sect members have been taken to hospital

Five members of a Benin religious sect have died of asphyxiation after they were reportedly told to burn incense and charcoal in locked prayer rooms as they waited for the world to end.

Several people were taken to hospital after the weekend incident in Adjarra town, near the capital Porto Novo.

The Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Baname sect opposes the voodoo religion - one of the major faiths in Benin.

Members of the controversial sect have clashed with followers of other faiths.

The group's young leader, Vicentia Chanvoukini, known by her followers as "Lady Perfect", has proclaimed herself a god.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Benin has a national holiday to celebrate Voodoo Day

About 40% of the population of the West African nation are believed to be following voodoo.

Voodoo Day is a public holiday and there is a national Voodoo museum.

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