#Bidoungchallenge: Cameroon footballers bow to president

This video grab image created on February 8, 2017 shows Cameroonian national football team players perform a "deep bow" to President Paul Biya (L) and his wife Chantal Biya in Yaounde, following their 2-1 victory over Egypt in the finals of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Libreville, Gabon. Image copyright AFP
Image caption The president met the footballers to congratulate them for winning the Africa Cup of Nations tournament

When footballers from Cameroon's national team met their president after winning the Africa Cup of Nations, they saw how low they could bow while shaking his hand.

They were taking part in the #BidoungChallenge, named after the sports minister who was ridiculed for taking an exaggerated bow when he met President Paul Biya in December.

Image copyright Twitter / @PaolaAudrey

Thousands of people have tweeted their own versions since.

But this is believed to be the first time since Sports Minister Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt's deep bow that anyone has recreated the moment with the president himself.

The footballers managed to bow much lower than Mr Bidoung and the broadcast of the footballers' meeting also showed they also got to bow low to President Biya's wife, Chantal.

She seemed to take it in good spirits, applauding when a footballer bowed low to her husband before approaching her.

The president also appeared to be laughing with the footballers.

In December ordinary Cameroonians started seeing if they could get any lower that the sports minister:

Image copyright Twitter / @afrik2_radio

The footballers didn't go as low as this man:

Image copyright Twitter / @zebstatou

or this man:

Image copyright Twitter / @Enn_Cee_Kay

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