Cyclone Idai devastation in pictures

Cyclone Idai has ravaged parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in what the UN says could be the worst weather-related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere.

Millions of people were in the direct path of the cyclone, with the port city of Beira in Mozambique bearing the brunt.

An image shows destruction caused by Cyclone Idai in the port city of Beira Image copyright Reuters

The death toll in Mozambique is currently 200 but President Filipe Nyusi fears it could be far higher. Some 100,000 people need to be rescued from the port city of Beira (above), according to Mozambique's government.

A man overlooks wreckage caused by the flooding Image copyright Getty Images

With hundreds still missing, people are searching through the rubble for their loved ones.

A man searches the rubble for missing family members Image copyright Getty Images

In Zimbabwe (below), victims are carried in wooden coffins by barefoot family members along a makeshift path on the River Ngangu.

Wooden graves are carried along a makeshift path Image copyright Getty Images

Relatives cleared space for a mass burial site:

People dig multiple graves for their relatives Image copyright Getty Images

On the Umvumvu River, below, locals watch in disbelief at the empty space where a bridge stood just days before.

In Chimanimani, Zimbabwe, locals overlook an entire bridge that has been washed away. Image copyright Reuters
People walk through the ravaged pavements of Beira, Mozambique Image copyright Getty Images

A UN World Food Programme worker said of the damage in Beira (above): "There is no power. There is no telecommunications. The streets are littered with fallen electricity lines."

A shivering woman stands outside her damaged home Image copyright Getty Images

With every building in the city damaged in some way, people are left unsheltered against tough weather conditions.

A building home with walls taken out by the cyclone Image copyright EMIDIO JOSINE

Some homes were stripped bare as walls and roofs were destroyed by the extreme wind and rain.

People gather on a destroyed section of road Image copyright ADRIEN BARBIER

The road between Beira and Chimoio has been damaged, leaving aid agencies cut off, unable to deliver supplies.

Children walking through mud as they are rescued Image copyright Getty Images

Students at St Charles Luanga school in Zimbabwe, above, had to be rescued by the military. They navigated their way through a mudslide that had covered a major road, blocking their way out of the school.

People queuing for food handouts in Zimbabwe Image copyright Getty Images

People who have had their entire livelihoods destroyed await handouts from aid agencies.

Aerial photos show the far-reaching extent of the flooding, destroying crops, homes and lives:

Aerial photos show the far-reaching extent of the flooding, destroying crops, homes and live Image copyright AFP

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