Africa's week in pictures: 2 - 8 August 2019

A selection of photos from across Africa, and of Africans elsewhere, this week:

Jellyfish are seen glowing in cylindrical aquariums at Cape Town's Two Oceans Aquarium. The room is darkened to better show of the glowing creatures. Image copyright EPA
Image caption Luminous jellyfish are seen at an exhibit in Cape Town on Friday. Among them are two rare Pink Meanie jellyfish recently discovered off the coast of the South African city - the variety is known as "jellyvorous" because it feeds on other jellyfish.
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A man wearing a colourful rain-proof jacket is seen riding a motorcycle through brown floodwater. He is balancing his legs close to the handlebars to avoid getting them wet. Image copyright AFP
Image caption On the same day, this motorcyclist makes his way through a flood-hit area of Nigeria's capital, Abuja.
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Figures of men made from cement appear to be parially buried in the ground, with only their heads and torsos visible. Both of the figures have metal collars around their necks connected to chains. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Sculptures by artist Kwame Akoto Bamfo are seen on the same day in Ghana, following the 400-year anniversary of the start of the transatlantic slave trade.
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A man is seen painting an abstract profile of a woman. The planes of her face are painted in different colours. He is using a brush to paint strokes of black on her hair. Image copyright AFP
Image caption On Monday, artist Mwamngi Kimaru aka Jakatyap puts the final touches to one of his pieces in the train wagon-turned-studio rented to him and others by Kenya Railways.
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A member of the Ivorian Special Forces chants as he marches at a parade in the capital, Abidjan. Image copyright AFP
Image caption Soliders wear distinctive camouflage balaklava during a parade marking independence day in Ivory Coast on Wednesday.
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Three women wearing pink hijabs chat and smile. They are sitting on a raised pavement and only of them is holding a Sudanese flag. Image copyright EPA
Image caption On Sunday in Khartoum, three women take part in celebrations after Sudan's ruling military council signs a power-sharing deal with the country's opposition movement that has led months of protest action.
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A golden sculpture of an animal is seen inside a workshop. Behind it, a specialist looks on. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption A gilded animal figure belonging to ancient Egypt's boy-king Tutankhamun is inspected on Sunday...
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The golden coffin of Tutankhamun is seen under protective plastic sheets. Image copyright PA Media
Image caption As is this sarcophagus which held the mummified remains of the king and is now undergoing eight months of careful restoration work...
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A gloved specialist uses an implement to restore the surface of a golden cat-like figure. Image copyright AFP
Image caption Once the various pieces have been restored at Giza's Grand Egyptian Museum, they are to go on display among the rest of the pharoah's collection there.
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A farmer is seen in the midst of coffee trees' green foliage. Image copyright AFP
Image caption On Friday, Kenyan farmer Josphat Muchir tends to his coffee trees, which he fertilises with "poo power" - as the process of using slurry passed through biogas digesters is known.
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A man wearing a small cap, called the taqiyah, faces a window as he raises his hands either side of his head in prayer. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption And on Tuesday in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a worshipper at Goma's al-Abrar mosque is pictured in prayer.
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Pictures from Reuters, EPA, Getty Images, PA Media and AFP

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