Africa's week in pictures: 23-29 August 2019

A selection of photos from across Africa, and of Africans elsewhere, this week:

A smiling girl is seen leaping in the air. Image copyright EPA
Image caption This girl does a backflip in South Africa on one of the free trampolines in Johannesburg's Alexandra township after school on Tuesday...
A young woman appears to hover mid-air as the jumps on a trampoline, which is hidden out of the shot. Image copyright EPA
Image caption Star trampoline artist Phaphama Nxumalo is seen here on the the same day showing the others how it's done.
A masked wrestler leaps at his opponent from the corner of the ring. Image copyright EPA
Image caption Also in Johannesburg, wrestlers put on a show for their fans on Saturday...
Members of a wrestling community are seen in prayer with their arms around each other. Image copyright EPA
Image caption South African Pro Wrestling, as the group is known, has a devoted following.
Iman wears a flamboyant dress featuring a red, white and blue pattern and feathers. Image copyright EPA
Image caption Somali-born model and entrepreneur Iman takes to the red carpet at Venice International Film Festival in Italy on Wednesday...
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Candice Swanepoel leans her head to the side as she poses next to open water. Image copyright AFP
Image caption Where South African model Candice Swanepoel posed for the cameras the day before.
D'banj stands on stage with a microphone, wearing a colourful embroidered blazer. Image copyright Redferns/Getty Images
Image caption Nigerian Afrobeats star D'banj headlines London's Brixton Academy on Sunday. Earlier that week, he told the BBC that he and his wife are expecting another child, one year on from the death of their son.
A young boy wearing a red wrap and smatterings of face and body paint dances ahead of a line of older men who are dressed in the same way. Image copyright AFP
Image caption On Thursday in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, people take part in the "Fatchue" ceremony...
Two adolescent boys pose together, wearing matching facepaint. Image copyright AFP
Image caption The festival marks the initiation of younger generations into roles of community leadership.
Bobi Wine is seen kneeling in front of two priests. Image copyright SOPA Images/ Getty Images
Image caption Ugandan musician-turned-MP Bobi Wine is blessed by Catholic priests on Sunday during a campaign event. The opposition politician plans to run against longtime President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 election.
The remains of an ancient skull are displayed alongside a 3D reconstruction of the skull as it would have been millions of years ago. Image copyright Reuters
Image caption On Wednesday, the recently discovered, 3.8 million-year-old skull of an early ape-like human ancestor is displayed in Ethiopia. Behind it is a three-dimensional reproduction of how researchers believe the whole skull would have appeared.
Armed rangers escort a northern white rhino Image copyright EPA
Image caption In central Kenya on Friday, armed rangers escort one of the two surviving northern white rhinos to allow vets to harvest her eggs. It is hoped the harvested eggs will be fertilised using frozen sperm from a deceased northern white rhinoceros, bringing the creatures back from the brink of extinction.
Students march in formation wearing matching white tops, burgundy trousers and black shoes. Image copyright EPA
Image caption Students are on parade during National Flag Day Liberia's capital, Monrovia, on Saturday.
A woman's hand is seen throwing pink and red petals into the sea. Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption And on the same day in the US, Africans who died at sea during the transatlantic slave trade are honoured with a petal-throwing ceremony in Virginia.

Pictures from Reuters, EPA, Getty Images, AFP, Redferns and SOPA Images

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