Africa's top shots: 8-14 November 2019

A selection of photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere this week:

Boys and men dressed in golden robes stand next to ornate religious paintings inside the church Image copyright AFP
Image caption Altar boys attend Sunday service at Saint Andrew Cathedral in Kananga...
A priest stands in front of an ornate altar Image copyright AFP
Image caption ... where Priest Benedicte Ndebu officiates at the church in the Democratic Republic of Congo's most densely populated city
Men dressed in red clerical robes ring large church bells Image copyright AFP
Image caption The Greek Orthodox church was established in Kananga in the 1970s
A male and female dancer perform together against a dark, dramatic backdrop Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Dancers perform at Friday's opening ceremony ahead of the Africa Under-23 Cup of Nations match between host country Egypt and Mali
More than a dozen multicoloured insects gather in a group on parched ground Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Spotted moths gather near the Nedbank Golf Challenge fairways in South Africa
South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech, dressed in orange, smiles for the cameras as she walks the red carpet at the Glamour Women of the Year awards Image copyright AFP
Image caption South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech takes to the red carpet at an awards ceremony in New York City
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A woman sings into a microphone with her hair wrapped around a baton in an ornate style Image copyright Reuters
Image caption In the Nigerian city of Lagos, Helen Epega performs her self-authored opera in Pidgin English
Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe viewed from one of the canyons Image copyright AFP
Image caption Zimbabwe's majestic Victoria Falls has recorded its lowest water levels in recent times following a severe drought in the country
A hippo is stuck in the mud at a drying watering hole Image copyright AFP
Image caption A day earlier in Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe, this hippopotamus gets stuck in a mud at a drying watering hole
Soldiers hold on to one end of a large pole as their comrade clings to the other end in the air Image copyright EPA
Image caption Trainee soldiers balance their comrade on a pole as part of a drill at the Armed Forces Sergeants' School in Mozambique
Prison inmates chop vegetables in a kitchen Image copyright AFP
Image caption In response to a UN report that called Egypt's jails "brutal", the authorities opened up Tora prison in Cairo for a media tour
Women campaigners smile and chant as they march Image copyright AFP
Image caption Grassroots campaigners march in Kenya's capital Nairobi ahead of the International Conference on Population and Development

Pictures from AFP, EPA, Getty Images and Reuters

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