Marshall Islands profile - Media


The government generally respects media freedom. A privately-owned weekly is published in English and Marshallese. A government monthly contains official news but avoids politics.

State-owned and private radios offer diverse views. US forces radio and TV can be received in some areas and US TV is available via cable. BBC World Service broadcasts in Majuro on 98.5 FM.

There were 6,540 internet users by December 2011 ( Access is limited by slow connections and high costs - "the most expensive in the world", says the US State Department (2010), citing the IMF and World Bank.

The press

Marshall Islands Journal - private weekly

Marshall Islands Gazette - government monthly

MBC TV - state-run

AFN Kwajalein - US military

V7AB "Radio Marshalls" - operated by state-run Marshall Islands Broadcasting Company, sole station with national coverage

V7AA "The Change 104.1" - religious

AFN Kwajalein - US military