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Thai men read newspapers in downtown Bangkok Image copyright AFP
Image caption A handful of dailies account for most newspaper sales in Thailand

The government and military control nearly all the national terrestrial television networks and operate many of Thailand's radio networks.

Multichannel TV, via cable and satellite, is widely available. The radio market, particularly in Bangkok, is fiercely competitive. There are more than 60 stations in and around the capital.

The media are free to criticise government policies, and cover instances of corruption and human rights abuses, but journalists tend to exercise self-censorship regarding the military, the monarchy, the judiciary and other sensitive issues.

Restrictions on media output accompanied the introduction of martial law and an army coup in May 2014.

The print media are largely privately-run, with a handful of Thai-language dailies accounting for most newspaper sales.

There were some 23 million internet users by 2012. Pornographic sites, anti-monarchy sites and anti-government sites are subject to filtering. Hundreds of websites were blocked by the military following the 2014 coup.

Facebook is the most popular social network.

The press

Bangkok Post - English-language

The Nation - English-language

Daily News - mass-circulation Thai-language daily

Thairath - mass-circulation Thai-language daily


Thai TV3 - operated by the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand (MCOT), a government agency

TV5 - owned by Royal Thai Army

BBTV Channel 7 - owned by Royal Thai Army

ModerNine (Channel 9) - operated by government agency MCOT

Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS) - public TV, created under 2008 legislation


Radio Thailand - national network and external service operated by National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT), part of government Public Relations Department

MCOT Radio Network - run by government agency MCOT; operates stations in Bangkok and provincial networks

Army Radio - owned by Royal Thai Army


MCOT online news - English-language pages