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Newspaper circulation figures are low

Tajikistan's media environment has become less free in recent years, with the authorities obstructing critical reporting and dictating editorial policy.

"On the pretext of combating terrorism, the government has reduced the media drastically," Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said in 2018.

"Telephone calls from intelligence officers, interrogation sessions, intimidation, and blackmail are now all part of the daily fare of independent journalists," the group said.

Television is the most popular medium. The State Committee for TV and Radio operates national and regional networks.

There are more than a dozen private TV stations. Russian TV is widely-watched. Radio can be the sole source of information for those living in very remote areas.

The newspaper sector comprises government-owned and private titles. Most of these publish weekly and circulation figures are low.

There were 3 million internet users by December 2017 (InternetWorldStats).

The authorities routinely block websites and social media, including Russia's Odnoklassniki, Facebook and YouTube. Internet users turn to proxies to get around this.

Opposition websites operate mainly from abroad.

The press

ImruzNews - private, publishes Monday-Friday

Asia-Plus - private, twice-weekly, in Russian

Jumhuriyat - government-owned, publishes in Tajik three times a week

Khalq Ovozi - government-owned, publishes in Uzbek three times a week

Narodnaya Gazeta - government-owned, publishes in Russian three times a week

Tajik TV- state-run; operates eight national networks including flagship Tojikiston and regional channels

Soghd TV - state-run regional station in north

Khatlon TV - state-run regional station in south

SMT (Independent Television of Tajikistan) - private, Dushanbe

Tajik Radio - state-run, operates Radio Tajikistan, Radio Sado-i Dushanbe (Voice of Dushanbe), culture network Radio Farhang, external service Ovoz-i Tojik

Radio Imruz - private, available in all regions

Radio Vatan - Dushanbe, private

Radio Tiroz- Khujand, private

Radio Asia-Plus - Dushanbe, private

Asia-Plus - private, English-language pages

Khovar - state-run, English-language pages

Avesta - private, English-language pages