Chen Guangcheng affair: Extracts from BBC interview

Blind activist Chen Guangcheng (in wheelchair) meets wife and children in Beijing hospital after leaving US embassy

Speaking to the BBC from hospital, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng explained why he had changed his mind about staying in China.

He said he did not feel that the US had failed him, but that he was worried, and felt that China was not abiding by its promise.

He believed that US officials, and his friends, had been prevented from visiting him by the Chinese authorities. He also said that the hospital was treating him well, and that he had not received any threats from people around him.

Why he now wishes to leave China

"I left the US embassy in order to abide by the agreement. [The Chinese authorities] had promised to guarantee my rights as a citizen. However, I have now learnt of the cruel treatment my family suffered, and my mobile phone was cut off last night. I think these are all problems.

"My wife told me seven surveillance cameras have been installed in our house [in Shandong]. There were people inside and outside our house and in our rooms, eating and staying there. They plan to build up electric wires around my house.

"At the time [when I was in the embassy] I did not know of the situation at home. I got to know a bit after speaking on the phone [with my family], but not thoroughly.

"I think they [China] didn't abide with the agreement between China and the US.

"My wife and children are with me. My wife would agree with my wish [to go to the US]. She was tied up in a chair by security officials for two days from the 26th [of April]."

His current situation

"My foot is broken and has been plastered. I am in a hospital bed [in Chaoyang Hospital].

"I don't know which area [of the hospital] this is. I just know that I am on the first floor.

"The hospital has been taking very good care of us.

"I haven't met any US officials. Yesterday afternoon I thought they had left. I looked for them but couldn't find them. Today, I learned that it is not that they had not come to find me, but that they were prevented from coming in.

"They came this morning too, but were not allowed in, so I couldn't meet them. It was probably foreign ministry officials [who prevented them from coming in].

"No-one [from the Chinese authorities] has approached me either.

"I haven't seen a single friend so far, but there must have been many who came [to try to visit me].

"I am very worried, especially for the situation of my family members and my friends like He Peirong (Pearl Her) and other friends, like Mr Guo. I wanted to get in touch with them, but I could not reach them."

His wishes

"I'd rather not appeal [for help]. I've appealed enough. My friends have helped me too much already... I'm very grateful for my friends.

"I would like to leave China.

"I wish to receive [Hillary Clinton's] help... I simply want to go out and receive medical treatment, and have some rest. I haven't had a weekend [a break] for seven years."

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