India rape victim claims discrimination over bar entry

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The bar says she was only refused entry because she arrived after midnight

An Indian rape victim who revealed her identity to encourage other women to speak out has accused a Calcutta bar of excluding her because of her notoriety.

Suzette Jordan, who was raped on one of the city's busiest streets in February 2012, became a well-known figure after she waived her right to anonymity.

She filed a police complaint saying the manager of the bar refused her entry because she was "that rape victim".

The bar in question denies the allegations made by Ms Jordan.

A spokesperson for the bar told the BBC's Rahul Tandon in Calcutta that she was refused entry because she turned up after midnight and added that it was nothing to do with her being a rape victim.

But Ms Jordan has a different version of events.

She says she was told by a staff member that they could not let her in because she was "that rape victim". She asked once again if she could come in but was apparently told: "You are that girl - I cannot allow you in".

"The rape victim gets raped, she gets abused and victimised, she gets ostracised from society, and then she is supposed to live her life in quiet like a hermit for the rest of her days," Ms Jordan told our correspondent.

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