Manila floods: Thousands evacuated

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Manila residents hold onto a rope as they wade through floodwater (19 Sept 2014)Image source, AFP
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Many motorists were reportedly unaware of the extent of the flooding due to a lack of reports from authorities

Thousands of people have been evacuated in the Philippine capital Manila and nearby provinces as tropical storm Fung-Wong brought flooding.

Schools and government offices were shut and several flights were grounded.

The waters were up to neck height in some areas and the ceilings of ground floor apartments in others.

The storm arrived as the capital was recovering from last week's Typhoon Kalmaegi, which left eight people dead and thousands displaced.

Local media reported a river burst its banks in an eastern part of Manila, prompting the evacuation of more than 20,000 people.

A dam in another part of the city also showed signs of overflowing, according to GMA News.

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Floodwaters were up to neck height in some areas
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Some residents took to constructing makeshift rafts
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Children were seen taking to the flooded streets to play

The flooded streets caused gridlock as motorists were unaware of the extent of the flooding due to a lack of reports from local authorities, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada told reporters that floodwaters were receding as drainage pipes had been cleared of rubbish.

But he criticised anti-flood infrastructure, saying it had been "neglected for a long time".

The Philippines grapples with typhoons and storms every year during the monsoon season.

Fung-Wong is expected to leave the Philippines by Sunday and will head towards Taiwan and Japan.