Nintendo's Satoru Iwata: Gamers pay tribute

Screengrab of Tomek Drabik's tribute to Satoru Iwata 13 July 2015 Image copyright Tomek Drabik

Video gamers around the world are mourning the death of Nintendo's respected CEO Satoru Iwata in games and on social media.

From an Iwata swordfighter to a banana meme, the BBC's Tessa Wong takes a look at some of the ways fans are honouring his legacy.

Going bananas

Some have tweeted tribute images of Mr Iwata with a bunch of bananas, in a reference to an internet meme about him.

In 2012 Nintendo screened a short clip of Mr Iwata silently staring at the fruit at the start of a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), as an apparent nod to Donkey Kong.

The clip soon became a running joke. Mr Iwata's - or rather his puppet's - latest performance took place at this year's E3 where Nintendo hired the Jim Henson Company to make puppet versions of the executives.


Many used Nintendo games to pay tribute to Mr Iwata and some extended this to express moral support for Nintendo.

On the popular paint-shooting game Splatoon, where users can doodle their own character status updates, some have been spotted referencing Mr Iwata and his games.

Twitter user Hollander Cooper noted: "Splatoon is really, really depressing tonight."

Video gamer Matt Blankenship created a tribute figure to Mr Iwata in the game Super Smash Bros. 4.

Fan art

Twitter has been flooded with artworks depicting Mr Iwata with famous characters in the Nintendo game universe.

Image copyright 2525DS

This picture by Twitter user 1217karen shows him with Kirby perched on his head. The pink blob stars in the eponymous game which Mr Iwata helped to create in his early years as a programmer.

Image copyright 1217karen

Others have tweeted screenshots showing Nintendo characters looking sad, and the "Thank you" credits at the end of classic Nintendo games.

Image copyright James Sims

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