Singapore bank gets name wrong on special note packs

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A misspelling of Singapore's first president "Yusok Ishak" (third para) on a folder kit of the 50 Singapore dollar commemorative note displayed in Singapore on August 21, 2015Image source, AFP
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The sets of collectible bank notes were launched on Thursday

Singapore's central bank has apologised after misspelling the name of the country's first president on the packaging of bank notes commemorating the city-state's 50th anniversary.

The name of late president Yusof Ishak was misspelt "Yusok Ishak" twice - once on the folders carrying the notes and once in an enclosed booklet.

The banknotes themselves, however, feature the correct spelling.

The central bank says it will print stickers that correct the mistake.

"This should never have happened," the Monetary Authority of Singapore's managing director, Ravi Menon, said in a statement.

The collectible bank notes were launched on Thursday, with long queues of people seeking to buy a set.

Some who had purchased the commemorative notes were already trying to sell them for a profit, the Straits Times reported.

Each set of bank notes is worth S$100 ($70; £45) and contains one S$50 bill and five S$10 bills - both denominations having Yusof Ishak's portrait on them.