Japanese manga artist Shigeru Mizuki dies

Japanese 93-year-old comic artist Shigeru Mizuki sitting next to his famous character "Kitaro" Image copyright AFP
Image caption Mr Mizuki was a well-known Japanese manga artist

The award-winning Japanese manga artist Shigeru Mizuki, whose work depicted the horrors of war, has died aged 93.

Mr Mizuki, a household name in Japan, died of multiple organ failure on Monday, according to a statement from his production company.

He had been hospitalised on 11 November after he tripped and hit his head at his home, the company said.

Mr Mizuki is best known for his Gegege no Kitaro series, which helped to bring anime global recognition.

The series, about a young boy fighting monsters based on Japanese folklore, was made into an animated series that ran for several years.

Born in 1922, Mr Mizuki fought in New Guinea during World War II, where he lost his left arm.

He went on to write manga, or comics, based on his experiences of war. His work covered US wartime bombing, the abuse he suffered under commanders, and a biography of Adolf Hitler.

He was named a Person of Cultural Merit by the Japanese government in 2010.

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