North Korea bomb test: Your solutions

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Moment North Korean TV announces hydrogen bomb test

North Korea's state television has announced the country has tested a hydrogen bomb.

Although there is some scepticism surrounding the claim, the international community has condemned the action.

The news has also prompted reaction, particularly on social media.

Since the news broke 'North Korea' has been mentioned 211,000 times on Twitter and has been among the top trending topics worldwide.

So what can be done to prevent North Korea's move escalate to an international crisis? Here are some of your ideas.

@martinedobor tweets there should be greater agreement on weapons:

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It's saddening and worrying that North Korea says that it carried out an H-bomb test. That claim must be taken seriously by any person who cares about peace. This is a wake up call for the UN to swing into action in full force and stop North Korea's obsession with nuclear bombs. The UN should not wait until small ripples turn into huge waves before thinking of how to get to the shore. Josephat Ombuna, Nairobi, Kenya

@Jackalchachal thinks North Korea should be invited to talks:

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North Korea needs to be accountable for its actions like any country. It's time for the world to have some serious dialogue with them. If you want to have nuclear weapons then you need to be trusted and must abide the rules. This would be the first big step to resolve this issue. Let's invite Kim Jong-un to the United Nations in New York and get down to business. Chris, Northfield, Vermont USA

@SouljaTroy1996 has a simple solution:

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In my opinion sanctions are the way to go, if at all possible. Unfortunately this may cause more hardship on the people of the North. War is out of the question - we are fighting enough wars in the Middle East. I have thought deeply about this question for a while now (still am) , with China being an ally this would also be a concern for NATO. Kim Jong-un is a loose cannon and unpredictable and that makes him a threat. Robert Anderson, Dundee, Scotland UK

I think we need to be prepared for any possible threat of them using weapons such as these. However, I don't think we should charge in and force North Korea to stop producing nuclear weapons. That is of course assuming they have been successful in making them.

If we or any other countries for that matter become aggressive to them, the retaliation could be much worse. It's best to prepare for the worst but mainly ignore them. It's not like many of the countries condemning North Korea's actions have any moral high ground when they themselves are sat upon a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons.

It's like a child in a playground showing off their strength, if they are not challenged they won't have the opportunity to show their force in a fight. Mark, Kingswinford, West Midlands, England UK

The former NBA basketball player, Dennis Rodman who has had a number of well publicised meetings with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un is cited by @ZZR600E3 as someone who could help:

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Compiled by Andree Massiah