India: Elephant rampage causes panic in West Bengal

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Media captionFootage showed the elephant rampaging through streets

A wild elephant went on an hours-long rampage in India's West Bengal state, sending residents fleeing in panic.

Officials fired tranquillizer darts to control the animal after it damaged dozens of homes, cars and motorbikes.

Local forestry authorities said no-one was hurt in the incident, in the town of Siliguri.

The animal was taken to a park where domesticated elephants are kept and officials have said they hope to return it to the wild.

Eyewitnesses said the animal had strayed into the town from a nearby forest and seemed frightened and confused.

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Image caption People threw stones to try to drive away the elephant
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Image caption According to an official, the female elephant appeared to be a loner without a herd and was likely searching for food
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Image caption The animal damaged dozens of cars and motorbikes
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Image caption Authorities shot the elephant three times with a tranquilizer gun
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Image caption Officials used a crane to lift the animal into a truck once it had calmed down

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