Cambodian tycoon Sok Bun jailed for attack on actress SaSa

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This recent undated handout photo released to AFP on July 16, 2015 shows a wound on the face of popular Cambodian television star Ek Socheata, better known by her stage name SaSa, who was attacked by a tycoon in Phnom Penh.Image source, AFP/Getty Images
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SaSa had posted images and footage of her injuries on social media

A Cambodian property tycoon has been jailed for a savage attack on a well-known actress which was caught on CCTV and sparked outrage.

Sok Bun, 37, was sentenced to three years - all but 10 months of it suspended - for the assault on Ek Socheatha, popularly known as SaSa.

SaSa had posted video of last year's attack at a restaurant in Phnom Penh.

Sok Bun fled to Singapore but returned after Cambodian PM Hun Sen said he should turn himself in.

Sok Bun could serve just another four months, given the amount of time he has already spent in prison.

SaSa's lawyer, Puth Theavy, told Associated Press: "My client said she wanted the case to end at this time, so she will not appeal the verdict. She is accepting the verdict and said it is fair for her."

SaSa had earlier withdrawn a compliant of attempted murder, amid Cambodian media reports that out-of-court-brokered damages had been agreed.

The attack took place on 2 July last year at a Japanese restaurant in the capital.

SaSa said she was trying to protect a friend from Sok Bun's advances.

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Sok Bun fled to Singapore but then returned
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At one point, the CCTV footage shows the assault and Sok Bun's bodyguard (circled in red) pointing a gun

CCTV footage shows SaSa being dragged off a chair and on to the floor.

She is then kicked in the head, and when she tries to get up, she is punched and stamped on over the course of a minute.

At one point, a bodyguard draws a gun and points it at her head as the attack continues. It ends when a restaurant worker pulls the attacker away.

SaSa then obtained the video from the restaurant and posted it on her Facebook page

The footage horrified the public, in a nation where the rich and wealthy are often seen as beyond the law.

Mr Hun Sen weighed in after Sok Bun fled.

"Don't think that because you have money you can escape," the prime minister said. "What you have done is intolerable."

Sok Bun was arrested at the airport when he returned and was charged with violent conduct.

He was absent from court on Monday due to sickness.

Sok Bun, the former head of Cambodia's estate agents' association, was also fined about $1,500.

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SaSa says she was trying to protect a friend from Sok Bun's advances