In Pictures: Total solar eclipse in Indonesia and Pacific

The eclipse Image copyright AFP
Image caption Day briefly became night across a long swathe of Indonesia

People across Indonesia and the Pacific have witnessed a total solar eclipse, with some parts of Indonesia in total darkness for up to three minutes.

A partial eclipse was visible in Australia, parts of South East Asia and the Pacific.

Image caption People were advised to protect their eyes when looking at the Sun, though not everyone took the advice
Image copyright EPA
Image caption Some cheered, some partied, others prayed, as the eclipse unfolded over Indonesia
Image caption The best place to view the total solar eclipse was Belitung, in Indonesia
Image caption On Olivier beach in Belitung, hundreds gathered to watch, falling silent when it began
Image caption Many people had travelled to Indonesia especially to witness the event
Image caption These photographers in Jakarta were ready with their gear to capture the eclipse...
Image caption were these cyclists, though without proper protective viewing equipment
Image caption In some parts of Indonesia, the skies were so dark that street lights were turned on in the morning
Image copyright AFP
Image caption Many schoolchildren, such as these girls in Malaysia, observed the rare phenomenon
Image copyright AFP
Image caption The darkness lasted just a few minutes at each location, but took hours to cross the whole archipelago
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption People elsewhere in Indonesia and nearby countries witnessed a partial eclipse, including in Singapore where this picture was taken

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