New Zealand hotel cafe bars cyclists in Lycra shorts

media captionMike Saunders, co-owner of the Plough Hotel, on why he has banned lycra

A hotel in Rangiora, New Zealand, has barred customers in Lycra shorts from its cafe, in a bid to avoid the sight of "unsightly" bulges.

"The bicycle is a beautiful object but they should never have invented Lycra!" said a sign at the Plough Hotel. "No Lycra shorts allowed please."

The hotel's owners felt that the body-hugging sportswear was inappropriate for a family-friendly cafe.

Muddy football boots, tracksuits, and flip-flops are reportedly still ok.

Co-owner Mike Saunders brought in the ban at the same time as the hotel, in the countryside north of Christchurch, began offering a breakfast menu.

"We just want to set the standards out here in the country and make sure people wear trousers when they go out for breakfast," he told

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image captionThe country is known for its outdoor sports

In an interview for The Guardian, he remarked: "I am not against Lycra in general, just Lycra shorts. A lot of our customers are elderly or children and they don't need to know that much detail about the shape of somebody."

Some in the town have backed the ban, citing hygiene issues with sweaty cyclists sharing furniture with cleaner customers. But at least one other local food outlet told media that Lycra-clad cyclists would still be welcome in their establishment.

It was a sentiment backed by Spokes Canterbury Chairman Don Babe, who told Stuff that cyclists would simply take their business somewhere else: "Generally a good cycle ride involves some food along the way, if the guy in Rangiora doesn't want them to go to his place that's fine, there's plenty of other places."

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