Filipino netizens react to Duterte alcohol ban proposal

A customer drinks beer at a night club in Davao City Image copyright AFP
Image caption Rodrigo Duterte wants a nationwide ban of alcohol in public places

Reports that the man set to lead the Philippines might ban alcohol in public places has outraged Filipinos online - but some say this is exactly why they voted him in.

Rodrigo Duterte, known for his tough anti-crime approach, has claimed victory in the 9 May election.

His spokesman said he would also impose a "nationwide curfew" for children.

Official election results have not yet been announced, but Mr Duterte has an unassailable lead.

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Media captionRodrigo Duterte has had tough words for drug-pushers and the Pope alike

He has credited his success in the presidency campaign to his tough stance on law and order.

His record as the crime-crushing mayor of the southern town of Davao, once notorious for its lawlessness, earned him the moniker The Punisher and resonated with voters.

Among other measures in the city, he banned the sale of alcohol between midnight and 08:00.

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'Not about denying freedoms'

His spokesman Peter Lavina told local media in Davao on Tuesday this could be extended across the country.

"Mr Duterte will impose a curfew on unescorted minors and might also impose a liquor ban in public places, upon consultation and a review of laws."

He said it had "nothing to do with denying us of our freedoms," and that the public would not be prohibited from drinking in their homes.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Mr Duterte is known for his tough approach towards crime and criminals

'All blood and no alcohol'

Mr Duterte's proposal sparked a lively reaction on social media.

"To all who voted Duterte, I hope you're ready to cut smoking, drink less alcohol, go home early and segregate trash," tweeted university student Glenn Ong from the capital Manila.

"All blood and no alcohol for a Duterte win," tweeted Hannah Garay. "Hope the ones who voted for him won't have a hard time swallowing this."

Image copyright Twitter: Hannah Garay

"You want a dictator? Well, you got one now," said Facebook user Angelica Mercurio from Cavite, who compared his actions to martial law rule.

"It may be for our own good but I just cant wait to see how bummed alcohol enthusiasts will be once Duterte comes into power," said Keiza Chan.

Image copyright Facebook: Michiko Yuda

But other Filipinos came out in support of Mr Duterte's plan to end drinking on the streets.

Rojun Angeles from Manila said he was looking forward to the liquor ban. "Less crime, less accidents and less 'pokpoks'," he said, referring to prostitutes.

Anzel Deschanel, who voted for Mr Duterte in Iloilo province, said on the Facebook of Philippines news site GMA: "This is the reason why my vote went to him.

"I am sick of criminals and want a stop to crime on the streets so I welcome this ban. Children need to be staying indoors at night anyway for their safety. For a better Philippines!"

Duterte: From 'Punisher' to president

  • Born in 1945 into a political family but with a more modest background than many Philippine politicians.
  • Married twice but now single, he says he has several girlfriends.
  • A lawyer, he became vice-mayor of Davao in 1986 and mayor in 1988. He has also previously held a seat in congress.
  • Built a reputation fighting crime, militancy and corruption. He has promised to continue his tough stance as president, but has offered few specific policies.
  • Well known for incendiary comments, such as saying he would kill thousands of criminals without trial.

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