Japan missing boy search resumes in woods after 'punishment'

Twelve men, part of a search team looking for the missing boy, in woods, on 30 May 2016. Image copyright Kyodo
Image caption Emergency services and local volunteers are involved in the search

The search has resumed for a Japanese seven-year-old boy who was left by his parents in woods in a remote area of Hokkaido as a punishment.

The boy has not been seen for two days, after his parents left him alone because he misbehaved.

The couple initially told police he got lost as they foraged for vegetables.

But on Sunday, they admitted they left him alone for a few minutes to discipline him, and when they returned he had gone.

The boy's father told the Sankei newspaper on Saturday: "I wanted to discipline him, so made him get out of the car to scare him a bit. He's an active, lively boy, but I'm worried how he's doing."

He told reporters the boy had thrown stones at cars and people during a visit to a nearby park, so he felt he needed to be a strong father.

He also told a TV Asahi reporter he did not dare admit the truth when he first requested the search.

Monday's search began at 06:00 local time (21:00 GMT Sunday), involving 130 people, including police and school officials, local media reported.

The area, in the far north of Japan, is home to wild bears.

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