1MDB scandal: What does US say money was spent on?

View from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck on 24 July 2015 showing the skyline of Manhattan, including central park Image copyright AFP
Image caption Luxury New York homes and hotels were allegedly bought with 1MDB money

US authorities have said they plan to seize more than $1bn (£761m) in assets allegedly bought with funds diverted from Malaysia's government investment fund, 1MDB.

The fund was a government project to develop Malaysia's economy, but the Department of Justice (DoJ) has alleged that vast amounts of the fund's money was actually spent by a few individuals on luxury assets around the world. Officials at 1MDB have denied any wrongdoing.

Here are some of the ways the US says the money was spent.

Hotels and luxury homes

The DoJ alleged that $380m was spent on a stake in the Park Lane, a luxury hotel overlooking Central Park in New York.

Another property, Park Laurel Condo, also in New York, cost $33.5m at purchase, the US claims.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Central Park is surrounded by high-end hotels and homes

Walker Tower Penthouse and Time Warner Penthouse were purchased for $50.9m and $30.5m respectively.

Image copyright AP
Image caption The Time Warner Penthouse sits near the top of one of the buildings that make up the Time Warner Center in New York

The Viceroy L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles was also on the list, purchased for $44.8m, the US alleges.

Image copyright Mark Ralston/AFP
Image caption Beverly Hills has drawn the rich and famous for generations

A mansion in Beverly Hills with a pool curved around and it and tiered gardens was valued at $31m at purchase.

And the DoJ says $41.8m was spent on a secluded townhouse in the London's upmarket Belgravia area.

Image caption Belgravia is one of London's most expensive areas (alleged 1MDB property not pictured)

A Hollywood film

The US says 1MDB spent $100m on Red Granite Pictures, the studio backing the The Wolf of Wall Street - a film about corruption and greed. The production company was co-founded by Riza Aziz, stepson of the Mr Najib.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Red Granite Pictures, on the seventh floor of this Sunset Boulevard address, denies receiving illicit funds

A private jet

A Bombardier Global 5000 private jet was purchased for a reported $35.4m.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption "Travel beyond compromise" is Bombardier's slogan for the Global 7000

Fine art

Vincent Van Gogh's La Maison de Vincent à Arles, a pen and ink drawing by the Dutch post-impressionist, was picked up for $5.5m, the DoJ said.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Nympheas Avec Reflets de Hautes Herbes at Southeby's auction house in London in 2013

Oscar-Claude Monet's Nymphéas Avec Reflets de Hautes Herbes, an oil painting was worth $57.5m at purchase.

Monet's Saint-Georges Majeur au Crépuscule was bought for $35m.

Source: US Department of Justice

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