Afghanistan: Female Kabul resident fears for future under Taliban

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The BBC has spoken to a woman in Kabul who worked for the Afghan government for almost two years, until last week. She spoke about her experience when the Taliban took the city and her fears for the future.

Sunday was the most horrible day in my entire life.

I went to my office in the morning. The only woman I saw was a security guard at the gate. There were very few people there - it was not normal. The Taliban were at the gates of the city, people were scared, but I didn't believe the militants would be able to enter.

At around noon I left the office. I took my mobile phone charger and some personal documents. I went to the bank to withdraw some money as everyone was trying to take out as much money as they could. But the queue was very long. The situation was intense.

When I entered the bank, I noticed missed calls from my mother, sister and brother. It scared me, as something might have happened. I called my mother and she asked, in a very anxious way, where I was and what I was doing. She told me to hurry and run home as the Taliban were in the west of the city.

I was shocked, terrified, scared.

Everyone was running. Shopkeepers were closing the doors and everybody was trying to get home. My brother called to say he'd pick me up. But the roads were blocked by traffic.

I started to walk, and even tried to find a taxi. On the way, I saw a flood of people running. My fear was if the Taliban caught me on my way, they would kill me as I was in my office clothes.

After almost two hours, I finally reached my home. I was so shaken I could not speak to my family. It was a day that I will never forget. I spent all night with fears running around my mind and I thought someone may knock on our door.

Since then everyone has been looking for where they can hide. I want to escape to a relative's home, but I don't dare in case I'm caught on the way.

I feel safe at home now. If they come to our home, no one would know that I worked for the government. The Taliban said their fighters will not enter people's homes. But we can't trust them. I'm afraid when I see them on TV - it makes me feel very sad.

We have seen their brutalities, how we can trust them? I can't sleep now during the night due to fear.

I am waiting for a visa to leave the country but that is uncertain. If I stay in Afghanistan, will they allow me to work? I don't think so. I don't see my future in Afghanistan as being safe. I think for us, everything is finished.

I've lost my hope for the future.

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