China NPC: Social media reaction

Wen Jiabao has given his final speech to the National People's Congress as China's premier, before handing over to Li Keqiang. Chinese web users have been reacting online to his summary of progress in the past five years and his policies for the future.

Here is a selection of their comments and their hopes for China:

Shi Xiaojie, an entertainer, says on microblogging site Sina Weibo that Mr Wen's speech showed "a lot has been achieved in the past five years" and applauds its view that the global financial crisis "hasn't had a big impact" in China - but also asks why capital gains tax "increased by 20% just before the new government takes over if housing prices have come under control? Can somebody explain to us please?"

Wu Tianzheng says on Sina Weibo: "Premier Wen's last report made it clear that urbanisation is part of the modernisation drive, and that it would help the reform of the registration card system. It's a good proposal, but it was not implemented during his last five years in government; Now that he is retiring, who will carry it through?"

On Tencent Weibo, Hu Zhihai posts that economic increases have "only benefitted the corrupt officials; ordinary people are still poor, some dying in garbage bins, or under the bridge; many can't afford to go to school or buy houses. Please save these people."

Liu Jianqiang, a magazine editor, is pleased that the speech referred to pollution issues. "He [Wen Jiabao] says let people see hope from our actions - very impressive; but I feel that hope is fading, now even soil has become a state secret. People know nothing."

Xiang Songzuo takes a sarcastic tone on Tencent Weibo: "The report spent 50 minutes on achievement, and three minutes on problems. A great report indeed."

Meanwhile, Xing Kong Xiade Chuanshuo wrote: "At the end, Wen Jiabao bowed three times to the delegates, ending a high flying career which still divides opinion; Nobody knows if this is a gesture of gratitude or of passing on the baton."

'Talk less, practice more'

One Weibo post asking for users' own suggestions for what should be done at the "two sessions" - the NPC and the simultaneous meeting of China's top consultative body - received more than seven million responses.

Dr Lan Weiguang proposed that more attention be paid to safe drinking water, saying: "I understand well that in today's China, both underground water or river water are polluted for a long time now and it takes a long time to recover."

Hero234702216 also had environmental concerns, asking leaders for a date when Chinese people will be able to "eat safely, live safely with clean air".

Eyes Behind Prosperity hopes the new government "can talk less and practice more. They cannot cheat all the time!"

Running Snail writes: "I hope people who cannot afford houses can afford it and I hope there is less empty houses just waiting for a rising price."

O Heng makes a call for a more democratic China, writing: "Who represents us? I have been living in the world more than 20 years and I never know who represents me. And these representatives just think highly of themselves and talk nonsense!"

Similarly, Teaspoon Flying Cat writes: "I wonder which representative was voted by me. Please give me the right to vote. I know I am just wasting my time [suggesting this]."

Comments gathered by BBC Monitoring, BBC Chinese and BBC staff in Beijing