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Delegates from all over the country are attending the two sessions Image copyright AP
Image caption Delegates from all over the country are attending the two sessions

Media urge delegates attending the "two sessions" of China's national advisory body and legislature to "speak the truth" on national issues.

The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top political advisory body, started its session on Monday, while the National People's Congress, China's legislature, is due to start its meeting on Wednesday.

Local media are reporting that China's top political advisor, Yu Zhengsheng, pledged to further intensify efforts to deepen the country's reforms at the opening session of the meeting on Monday.

He also promised that more platforms would be introduced to expand different forms of democracy in the country, and urged the committee members to feel free to speak truthfully.

Applauding Mr Yu's remarks, a commentary in the Modern Express says once "democratic" and "freely-speaking platforms" are created, "truthful words will flow".

"Speaking the truth is not easy. It is difficult to tell the truth when the platform is ruled by 'one voice', but when the 'platform for freely speaking' is holding strong, doing so will be easy… Whether we have a good platform, or a democratic form or not, the end result will be greatly different," it adds.

Echoing similar views, a Xinhua commentary reprinted on various media outlets urges the representatives to have the courage to speak "words that carry weight" and could gain respect from the people.

"At the same time, we want to create a public opinion environment that is freely expressive and tolerant of truth. Let's click a like for those representatives who 'speak the truth immediately'," it says.

The Beijing Daily reports that the conference has established some points to encourage the members to speak their mind, including making clear, short and straightforward speeches and to provide feedback and suggestions.

However, the Beijing Times notices that "speaking the truth" has been an "evergreen" topic of the annual sessions and adds that whether the representatives speak the truth or not will depend on how they see their roles.

"If [speaking the truth] remains at the level of uncovering problems and criticising the current situation, only half of the role has been completed… But while pointing out the problems, they should also give viable suggestions and pragmatic solutions," it adds.

Elsewhere, a commentary in the People's Daily says that establishing the rule of law is needed to deepen the reform process.

"To comprehensively deepen reform and to develop and perfect the socialism with Chinese characteristics, to push forward modernisation of governing system and capability, first we will need to insist on doing things in accordance with the law… We have to perfect the rule of law through reform, and we also need the rule of law to make sure reform is on the right track," it says.

Silent tribute

Meanwhile, a silent tribute was observed for victims of the Kunming knife attack that left 29 dead and 143 injured before the start of the parliamentary session.

Local media are reporting that this is the first time a silent tribute has been observed during the opening ceremony of the two sessions.

Song Zuying, a renowned vocalist, supports the decision to hold the tribute. She tells the Beijing Times that by doing so the new leadership shows "their respect for life and the love and concern for the people".

The Xinhua new agency's commentary says holding the ceremony on such a special occasion is a dignified way to mourn the dead as well as condemning the actions of the attackers together as a nation.

"Observing moments of silence together is more than an expression of deep grief for the lives that have been lost, it is also a call for all ethnic groups to strongly unite together… When people of all ethnic groups come together as one, the ploy of the terrorists to disturb the excellent situation of stability and unity will eventually fail," it adds.

And finally, the All-China Journalists Association and several media outlets are lashing out at Western media for their "double standard reporting" on the Kunming knife attack while the UN has described it as the "most heinous terrorist attack".

According to the China Radio International, the association criticised certain Western media for turning "a blind eye to the terrorist attack" in Kunming, calling the knife-wielders as "attackers" or "activists" instead of terrorists.

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