As it happened: Hong Kong protests 29 September

Key points

  • Thousands of protesters have taken over central areas of Hong Kong and are camped outside government offices - many schools and banks closed
  • Protesters are angry at changes to Hong Kong's political system which will allow direct elections but only from a pool of candidates approved by Beijing
  • A student-led protest movement has joined forces with the larger Occupy Central after a week of demonstrations and class boycotts
  • On Sunday night police used tear gas and pepper spray on the crowds
  • The government says riot police have now withdrawn, and has ordered protesters to disperse peacefully as soon as possible
  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned against any foreign interference over the protests. All times in BST

Live text


  • Alex Kleiderman 
  • Khanim Javadova 
  • Yaroslav Lukov 
  • Julia Macfarlane 
  • Anna Jones 
  • Tessa Wong 

Last updated 29 September 2014

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