MH370: One woman's year with no news

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Chen Liping's husband, Ju Kun, was on flight MH370 travelling home to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur a few days ahead of her. She told the BBC about her year waiting for news, and shared some of her posts from the Weibo microblog.

My last conversation with my husband was at 23:18 on 7 March 2014. We had a video call and he told me that he was already through the security check and waiting for boarding.

He asked me to rest early, and said if I felt scared of sleeping alone then I should leave the lights on. I was supposed to wait for him for four days in Malaysia, but now I have waited for one year.

One week after plane vanished

14 March: I want to appeal to the whole world to help us find our families. This is the cry of my two children, this is the cry of a desperate mother. We are asking Malaysian Airlines to return our families, and the Malaysian government to give us an answer.

Plane relatives: 'Embracing the finality'

I started being afraid of the nights. There was all sorts of news and information coming from all sources. I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster. I have no appetite and find it hard to sleep.

It feels like living in hell, I can't see the world outside. Every thought is taken over by where the plane went.

By April, relatives' grief turns to anger

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25 April: The plane has been missing for 49 days... The Chinese government has blocked the traffic around the Malaysian embassy for the entire day. Finally someone from the embassy came out to accept our protest letter. I don't know if I can sleep tonight. We don't know if our families are alive, we are suffering so much. I am asking the world to help.

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Media captionThe BBC's Celia Hatton: "We're witnessing a very rare street protest in Beijing"
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April 27: .... Every day we are crying because we are helpless. Now even the media is not allowed to report any more. We feel more scared, helpless. We are hoping that everybody can help us to find our families.

Will China tolerate families' Malaysia plane protest?

At first I didn't believe in the conspiracy theories. But it is such a big plane, it should be able to show on the radar in Indonesian and Australian areas.

But no country dared to admit that they had seen this plane. Why are they hiding statistics and why are they hiding the truth? Why can't they publish the real statistics from the beginning? What they have done made me start to believe the conspiracy theories.

Flight MH370: Could it have been pilot suicide?

The persistence of conspiracy theories

In May, Malaysia Airlines asks relatives to leave the Beijing hotels they provided. The land and air search is called off.

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Helpless families were dismissed to go home. The only hope we had, they have to break it. Please, husband, please come home safely, let my heart feel comforted and not lonely any more. Please come back.

How do relatives move on after the missing Malaysia plane?

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Media caption7 May: John Sudworth reports on the mystery of MH370's disappearance two months on
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7 May: A lot of people think that we've taken Malaysian Airlines money to go home. But I want to tell you that we didn't... Malaysia is hiding things, that's why they don't want to publish the original statistics. Even the records they showed were edited. Why did they do that? We don't want their money, we only want our family.

Malaysian Airlines offered no help other than telling us that they don't know what happened.

I really hope the authorities can make the information transparent, so more people can be involved in the case. I also hope that the people who know the truth will make a public announcement as soon as they can.

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Media caption27 May: Under pressure, Malaysia releases raw flight data

The most responsible party is Malaysian Airlines. The Malaysian government chose to hide the truth from the very beginning. I find it difficult now to believe the Malaysian government.

June - a brief burst of hope

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Every day is a new start, I am hoping every day is beautiful and there will be miracles. Thanks to all my friends who have cared about me and thank you for your comments and retweets... I firmly believe that the miracle will come!

Refined analysis drives new search area

In January, Malaysia officially declares an accident with no survivors

Announcing the crash is not a relief for us. It has hurt us more.

Simply telling them that the plane has crashed by analysis and guessing is inhumane, irresponsible and unfair. They've hurt the families over and over again.

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Media caption29 January: Declaration "irresponsible" without hard evidence

We feel we are treated unjustly. We have the right to know what has happened to the plane.

I hope the airline will take back all announcements that they have no supporting evidence for, including announcing that our families have already died.

Malaysia declares flight disappearance an accident

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Media captionJon Donnison joins the teams scouring the ocean's floor for the missing plane

I started asking myself how I made it to today. I still can't work. I spend most of time in bed. I try to make myself sleep a lot, first so I can dream about my husband, secondly so I won't think too much. Every day, I am suffering.

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14 January: Lying here on our bed and looking back at our photos, the only question on my mind is when you'll come back. Our sons and I miss you so much.

How do you mourn a missing person?

Chen Liping was speaking to a BBC Beijing bureau staff member