Lamborghini and Ferrari crash in Beijing tunnel

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Damaged Lamborghini car and debris in a tunnel in Beijing (12 April 2015)Image source, AFP

A luxury Lamborghini sports car has been destroyed and a Ferrari badly damaged when they crashed in a tunnel under Beijing, China.

One person was injured in the crash on Saturday night, which happened during heavy rain near the national stadium.

Police said in a statement on Monday that both drivers were in their 20s and unemployed.

The statement prompted many questions online about how they came to be driving the cars.

"What are their names? Who are their fathers?" one user on the Weibo microblog site asked, according to AFP.

"Socialism is so good that it allows unemployed people to drive supercars," joked another.

Image source, AFP

Photos which emerged on Monday showed the lime green Lamborghini with its front section almost entirely torn off.

The red Ferrari appeared to have lost a door, and was bashed along on its side and rear.

The tunnel itself was also damaged, with a section of the wall torn off and guardrails mangled.

Workers could be seen clearing up debris strewn across the road.

The cause of the crash is not clear, but police are investigating. Witnesses told local media that the tunnel was often used for drag racing.

It was widely observed online that the crash coincided with both the Grand Prix being hosted in Shanghai and the premiere of the latest Fast and Furious film, a franchise full of fast cars and high-value write-offs.