China factory collapse: Six dead and 49 rescued

Picture of collapsed factory in Wenling, China - 4 July 2015 Image copyright CCTV
Image caption There are reports the collapse was caused by a pool built on the factory's roof

A shoe factory has collapsed in eastern China, killing six workers, according to Chinese state media.

More than 50 people were working in the factory in the city of Wenling, in Zhejiang province, when it collapsed at around 16:00 local time (08:00 GMT) on Saturday.

CCTV News said 49 people were rescued, 40 of whom were hospitalised.

The China Daily newspaper said a large pool built on the factory's roof was believed to be the cause.

The China News website said several hundred firefighters were involved in the rescue.

In January last year, 14 workers died in a fire at the Dadong shoe factory in the same city. It is not known if the collapse occurred in the same factory.

Wenling, a wealthy coastal city, is well-known for its footwear industry. The city's tourism office says one in five pairs of shoes available worldwide originates in Wenling.

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