Chinese netizens mock global city rankings

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Image caption Move over Melbourne - several Chinese cities saw improved rankings in the EIU's annual report

Melbourne may have been named the world's "most liveable city" again but should it expect fierce competition from China next year?

"Not a chance", according to China's vocal netizens - who have expressed scorn and scepticism about the Economist Intelligence Unit's improved rankings for Chinese cities in 2015.

According to the annual report, Beijing and other Chinese cities have climbed up the table "largely due to a lower threat from civil unrest".

"Let me tell you all a joke: Chinese cities are among the most liveable in the world," commented Weibo user Xiang Xueyee.

"Don't take this list seriously. The men who made it probably never lived in China," said another.

Here's what else Chinese netizens had to say.

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Image caption Beijing is now the world's 69th most liveable city

Beijing takes 69th place

The Chinese capital rose five places this year, to become the world's 69th most liveable city.

"Beijing is our most liveable city? They must be joking. Maybe for someone functioning without lungs," remarked Guangdong Weibo user Liew Jia Kit.

"Pollution everyday? This must be black humour," said another.

Other Weibo users like Jeff Chang felt there were Chinese cities "more deserving" of making the list.

"Why not Hainan island? It's beautiful. And definitely free from smog," he said.

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Image caption Chemical blasts hit Tianjin last week, destroying large parts of the city

Tianjin's surprise appearance

China's north-eastern port city of Tianjin, which was hit by deadly chemical explosions last week, also made an appearance on the 2015 list.

But its surprise entry took many Chinese netizens by surprise.

"How did Tianjin even make the list? Where were the surveyors last week? Mars?" asked one Weibo user.

Other users felt that even with the ongoing recovery efforts, Tianjin city was still an unexpected choice.

"Devastation aside, transportation in Tianjin is terrible! What a strange choice," remarked another user.

Other Chinese cities ranked in the report include the coastal cities of Qingdao, Dalian, Shenzhen and Shanghai, and the inland cities of Suzhou and Guangzhou.

Reporting by Heather Chen

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