Fried rice record: Yangzhou stripped of title

A Chinese city that broke the world record for the largest serving of fried rice has been stripped of its title after some of the dish was used as pig feed.

Yangzhou, a city in east China, broke the record held by Turkey, cooking 4,192kg of fried rice.

But celebrations were short-lived after pictures emerged showing the rice being loaded into waste lorries.

Guinness World Records disqualified the attempt as humans did not eat the food.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Around 300 cooks took part in the event

The event organisers claimed the rice would be sent to local canteens, but Yangzhou's tourism bureau - which supervised the event - said that 150kg of "inedible" rice was sent to pig farms.

Sharon Yang, the Greater China marketing director of Guinness World Records, said: "Following a further review of the evidence, it is now clear that over 150kg of fried rice was not fit for human consumption.

"We will not be able to accept claims for large food items if they prove to be inedible, or if they are prepared in such a way as to make them unfit for general consumption."

Fried rice is Yangzhou's signature dish, combining rice, eggs, chicken, ham, shrimp, scallop and vegetables.

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