China to shame tourists leaving graffiti on Mt Everest

Aerial view of the mountain Image copyright AP
Image caption Mount Everest is known as Mount Qomolangma in Tibet

Chinese authorities in Tibet say they plan to name and shame tourists leaving graffiti on Mount Everest.

Tourists were increasingly leaving comments like "I was here" in several languages on monuments and signs at Base Camp on the Chinese side of the mountain, they said.

They plan to erect tablets tourists can deface instead, to meet their demands for somewhere to leave their mark.

The Great Wall of China also recently introduced a designated graffiti zone.

Officials in Tibet told local media that as tourists already have to register to enter the scenic area, it would be easier to identify the culprits.

"Starting this year, we will set up a blacklist system to punish badly-behaved tourists, such as those who leave graffiti. The blacklist will be made public through media outlets," said Gu Chunlei, deputy head of Tingri County tourism bureau.

May is the peak time for tourism to Everest in Tibet, with 550 visits a day to the base camp there at the height of 2015, according to Xinhua.

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