Ken Tsang: 'Beaten' Hong Kong protester sentenced for assault

Ken Tsang addressing a crowd with a microphone outside court on 30 May 2016 Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Tsang was taking part in the Umbrella Revolution demanding a greater democratic say for Hong Kong residents

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang has been sentenced to five weeks in prison for assault and resisting arrest during protests in 2014.

He had been found guilty by Kowloon City Court last week of pouring an unknown liquid on to police officers from an embankment.

Later this week, seven policemen will go on trial accused of attacking Tsang after arresting him.

Footage of Tsang being beaten was widely shared on social media.

During conviction last week, magistrate Peter Law told the Kowloon City court that Tsang "clearly knew there were many officers below" when he poured the liquid, and that his act showed "hostility."

But Tsang's lawyer, Robert Pang, said the assault his client suffered on the night of 15 October 2014 was much more serious than the one he was accused of.

Tsang was freed on bail and has said he will appeal against his sentence.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Yellow umbrellas, being carried here by Tsang's supporters outside court, became a symbol of the protests

Courts in Hong Kong are beginning to hear the cases of more than 1,000 people arrested during protests which closed parts of the city for more than two months.

Protesters were calling for direct elections for the territory's next leader, which has been rejected by Beijing.

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