Indians among most 'holiday deprived' people

Indian tourists in Goa
Image caption Nearly a third of Indians are 'unable to plan holidays because of work pressures'

Indians are among the most "holiday deprived" people in the world, a survey by an online travel firm has found.

They leave 20% of their vacations unused, Expedia found in a survey which polled employed people across 21 countries.

It said 29% Indians were unable to plan holidays because of work pressures.

This makes Indians the fifth-most "vacation deprived" people in the world, behind Japan and a number of Asian countries.

"In India, vacations tend to be viewed as a guilty habit," Manmeet Ahluwalia of Expedia said.

The survey found that 28% of Indian respondents said they preferred getting paid for unused vacations, adding that their managers frowned on their seeking earned leave.

Most Indians also continued to work even while on holiday, the survey said.

The survey found that 53% of Indians regularly checked their emails during vacations, a trend similar to Japanese professionals.

Indians typically get about 25 days of earned leave in a year.

The survey found that Americans, Japanese and Koreans take the fewest vacation days, while Europeans and Brazilians viewed vacations as a necessity, rather than a luxury.

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