India journalist Kazmi bailed in Israeli envoy attack

Journalist Syed Mohammad Kazmi after his arrest
Image caption Syed Mohammad Kazmi was arrested in March

India's Supreme Court has freed on bail a Delhi-based journalist who was arrested in March in connection with a bomb attack on the car of an Israeli diplomat's wife in the city.

Chief Justice Altamas Kabir granted bail to Syed Mohammad Kazmi but ordered him to deposit his passport.

A motorcyclist had placed a device on the embassy car in the capital city at a traffic light on 13 February.

The blast injured four people, one seriously.

Israel blamed Iran for the attack but Tehran has denied the charge.

Indian officials have refused to point the finger while the investigations continue.

Mr Kazmi, 50, is an Indian citizen who worked as a journalist for an Iranian publication.

He was arrested after investigations showed he had been in touch with a suspect who might have stuck a magnetic bomb to the diplomat's car, police said.

In the attack in February, the wife of an Israeli defence ministry official was seriously wounded. She underwent spinal surgery in the city before she was flown to Israel.

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