Twitter responds to Modi's Indian cleanliness drive


On the day India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a campaign to clean up the country, #MyIdeaofSwachhBharat (Clean India Campaign) has been among the top trends in the country.

People have been sharing their suggestions in tweets for a cleaner India, both serious and humorous.

Mr Modi kicked off the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the Valmiki Nagar in Delhi, the area where many of capital's street sweepers live.

He posed for the cameras with a broom in hand, swept a small stretch of a street, and appealed to the entire country to help in the clean-up, saying the karamcharis (sweepers) alone could not keep India clean:

Some #MyIdeaofSwachhBharat tweeters have praised Mr Modi for the campaign:

Image copyright Geeta Pandey -Internet

Some had constructive ideas for cleaning up Indian cities:

Others spoke about the general importance of cleanliness:

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For some, cleanliness was technical, and had to begin with their Twitter timeline:

But for some like Siddhartha Varshney, the whole campaign was nothing more than show from the sarkari babus (bureaucrats):

And others, just wanted to have fun:

Image copyright Geeta Pandey -Internet

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