Salman Khan: Papers praise 'judge’s wisdom'

Salman Khan is one of India's most popular movie stars Image copyright EPA
Image caption Salman Khan is one of India's most popular movie stars

Bollywood star Salman Khan's conviction in a 2002 Mumbai hit-and-run case is dominating front-page headlines in Indian papers.

Khan was freed on bail on Wednesday, hours after being convicted of culpable homicide.

A sessions court in Mumbai sentenced the actor to five years in prison for killing a homeless man.

The man was among five people who were run over in the incident.

Image copyright Asian Age

The Asian Age welcomes the court's decision. "The justice system must consider nothing except the evidence and the severity of the crime, all of which weighed against Salman, however charitable his disposition," it says in an editorial.

Image copyright DNA

The DNA newspaper has also given front-page coverage to the actor's conviction.

Image copyright New Indian Express

The New Indian Express praises the court for ensuring that the law of the land is equal for all citizens.

Image copyright HT

The Hindustan Times says the case has "proved that though the delivery of justice is slow in India, there is justice in the end".

Image copyright Tribune

The Tribune agrees, saying the drama has finally "hit an anti-climax". The paper also highlights that the actor's fans are disappointed with the verdict.

Image copyright The Indian Express

The Indian Express gives the key details of the case on its front page.

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