Narendra Modi: BBC cartoonist looks at India PM's two years in power

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who led his Bharatiya Janata Party to a spectacular win in the 2014 elections, is celebrating two years in power.

In a series of illustrations, the BBC's in-house cartoonist Kirtish Bhat takes a look at Mr Modi's years in power - tongue firmly in cheek.

Image copyright Kirtish Bhatt

Mr Modi has been trolled for his frequent foreign trips ever since he took over as the prime minister with critics suggesting that he spend some time at home.

In 2014, he toured nine countries, while last year he travelled to 26 countries. In the first five months of this year, he's covered four nations and several more trips are lined up over the coming months.

Image copyright Kirtish Bhatt

Mr Modi has been using his monthly address on radio, titled Man ki Baat (A talk from the heart), in a bid to reach out to tens of millions of Indians with no access to television.

But he's been criticised for keeping silent on crucial issues, especially attacks on Muslims or liberals in the name of nationalism.

Image copyright Kirtish Bhatt

In October 2014, Mr Modi picked up the broom, promising to clean up the country of filth, but he's been criticised for turning a deaf year to controversial and abusive remarks made by some of his party colleagues - critics say that is also akin to spreading rubbish.

Image copyright Kirtish Bhatt

Mr Modi's love for camera is well-known and it came through once again last September when he pulled Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for coming between him and cameras.

The incident evoked much mirth on social media and saw the hashtag #ModiFindsCamera trending on Twitter for hours.