Hungry baby gets milk on train after SOS tweet

Railway Minister @sureshpprabhu take a bow: Konkan Railway delivers milk to a baby after a tweet! Image copyright Ministry of Railways
Image caption The ministry is known for being proactive on Twitter

India's railway ministry is receiving praise on social media after it acted on a tweet from a train and provided milk to a hungry baby.

Anagha Nikam was travelling by rail when she spotted a mother trying to find milk for her baby daughter.

She tweeted to the ministry and asked for help, and milk was provided at the next station.

The ministry is known for being proactive on Twitter, and has helped many distressed passengers in the past.

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Ms Nikam's Twitter communication with Konkan Railway, a division of Indian Railways, happened on 12 March, but the story came to light after the ministry tweeted about it on Thursday.

She was travelling in the Happa Express in the western state of Maharashtra when she used social media to seek help for the family.

Here is how her Twitter exchange with rail staff unfolded:

Image copyright Anagha Nikam
Image copyright Anagha Nikam
Image caption The family was travelling in a general-class coach
Image copyright Konkan Railway
Image copyright Anagha Nikam

Ms Nikam was not the only who thanked the officials - others praised the ministry too for being proactive.

Image copyright Vasim Kadri
Image copyright Santosh Gurav
Image copyright Monish Garg