Australian looking for girl finds body after 'dream'

Media caption, Chief Inspector Pamela Young confirms that an 'adult torso has been found'

An Australian woman who went looking for a missing girl on a hunch found a woman's torso instead, police say.

Cheryl Carrol-Lagerwey, a local aboriginal elder, said she had a sense that six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams might be found at a particular spot on a nature reserve in Sydney.

But instead of the girl she came across an adult torso wrapped in plastic.

The dead woman has not yet been identified. The police say they are searching the area for more body parts.

The case of Kiesha Abrahams has received widespread coverage in the Australian media.

The girl disappeared from her home after her mother had put her to bed 12 days ago, prompting a large police search.

Ms Carrol-Lagerwey told police that she had had a premonition in a dream that drew her to the large Nurragingy Reserve in western Sydney suburbs of Doonside and Rooty Hill. But she denied being psychic.

"It's not psychic, it's inside you - if you have a near-death experience it's in you," she told local media.

Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young said: "Well, it's quite interesting that there's a woman and she had a sense or feeling it was worth her while to come to this particular part of the park."

"We're still exploring that, it's certainly an interesting proposition of hers."