More than 10,000 set human domino record

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State TV broadcast the human domino record attempt

A total of 10,276 people in China's Inner Mongolia have broken the world record for the biggest human domino chain, state media say.

The participants in the city of Ordos sat cross-legged and fell backwards in sequence in a record which took an hour and 20 minutes on Thursday.

The group of mainly high school students spent more than twelve hours over three days to train for the event.

The previous record had been set in 2000 by 9,234 Singaporean students.

"The human dominoes were a success. The new record is 10,276 people. This is a new Guinness World record," announced Guinness official Wu Shaohong on state television.

'Rewrite history'

"This magnificent feat was very hard to achieve, but we were all confident we would rewrite history," Liu Manshan, an event organiser, was cited by Xinhua news agency as saying.

Chinese basketball star and former NBA player Mengke Bateer started the event by passing a basketball to the person at the front of the line.

"While lying there, I thought about a lot of things. But what I felt most strongly was the pure excitement that came from knowing I was part of the creation of a world record," Li Xiaodong, the first in the line, told Xinhua.

The participants spelled out "Beautiful Ordos" in five characters, according to UPI press agency.