Mass rescue after landslide hits China village

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Most of the 67 people missing after a landslide in south-western China have been rescued, reports say.

Residents of Puladi, in Yunnan province, were trapped in their homes by the rushing mud as they slept.

Unusually severe summer rains have triggered mudslides and floods that have killed more than 1,500 people across China in recent months.

About 470 people are still missing in Zhouqu county, Gansu province, after a landslide enveloped the town recently.

More than 1,200 people have been confirmed dead after the disaster hit on 8 August.

More than 305 million people across China have been affected, with damage totalling $1.7bn (£1.1bn), according to state media.

Swollen river

Roads, power lines and telecoms have been cut to Puladi, a mountainous area that borders Burma.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that mudslides also destroyed a bridge and swelled the Nujiang river.

It quoted the Yunnan Provincial Emergency Response Office saying the river level had risen by 6m (20ft).

It cited sources as saying that Litoudi Village, about 10km from Puladi, was also badly hit by mudslides.

Last month, workers in Puladi building a hydro-electric power station were hit by a landslide. Eleven people died.

The National Meteorological Centre said the chance of more landslides was "relatively large".