Psychic croc Dirty Harry picks Gillard for poll win

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A saltwater crocodile called Dirty Harry has used his supposed psychic powers to predict that Julia Gillard will win Saturday's tight general election in Australia.

The reportedly clairvoyant reptile made his decision in his pen in Darwin.

Spurning the raw chicken dangling below a picture of opposition leader Tony Abbott, Harry went for the snack under PM Julia Gillard's image.

The huge reptile has a good track record, his keepers say.

The 5m (16ft) crocodile took several minutes to make up his mind, before lunging out of the water at his target.

"Harry's come over to the area, he's lifted his head in the air and he's just nailed Gillard as clean as you want," crocodile handler Nigel Palmer told AFP news agency.

Harry reportedly predicted that Spain would win the World Cup - as did the now world-famous and allegedly psychic octopus, Paul, in Germany.

Another crocodile at the wildlife park in Darwin called Bert also has a similar talent, keepers say.

He correctly chose the recent winner of the city's biggest horse race a few weeks ago.

Australians should know by tomorrow whether Harry is right. Polls close at 1800 (0800GMT) and the result should be known later that night.