Train carriages swept away in southern China

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Train cars on the bridge on Sichuan province on 19 August 2010
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Passengers were evacuated from the train before it fall into the river, state media said

Two carriages from a passenger train have been swept into a river in southern China after floods destroyed a bridge.

The accident happened in Guanghan, in Sichuan province.

Officials said the bridge began collapsing as the train passed over it. Passengers were evacuated minutes before a section of bridge fell, taking the two carriages with it.

The carriages were then swept 200m (220 yards) downstream, media reports said.

Dining car supervisor Wang Baoning told China Central Television that the two carriages were left hanging over the water because they were still connected to the rest of the train.

One of the carriages fell into the river less than two minutes after the passengers were safely out, he said.

"No one was injured, though some were frightened," a spokesman for the Guanghan city government told AFP news agency.

The long-distance train was travelling from Xi'an to Kunming.

China has been devastated by flooding caused by unusually heavy summer rains in recent weeks.

In Yunnan province, rescuers are still searching for about 90 people feared trapped under a mudslide that hit the town of Puladi early on Wednesday.