Indonesia launches women-only train service

By Karishma Vaswani
BBC News, Jakarta

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Women board a women-only carriage of a commuter train in Jakarta
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Some women complain that men take advantage of the cramped conditions on the trains

Women-only train carriages have been launched in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, in an attempt to prevent sexual harassment on public transport.

The state-run train operator is running two new carriages for its female passengers on one busy commuter route.

The service has been introduced after a series of complaints of sexual harassment from women who travel on Jakarta's trains and buses.

The carriages are easy to spot - with brightly covered pink seats.

It is the afternoon rush hour at one of Jakarta's main railway stations. An announcement is telling passengers how much longer they have to wait.

The trains to the suburbs are always packed, with commuters trying to get from their offices in the city back to their homes.

Female passengers have been complaining that some male commuters are taking advantage.

The state-run rail operator wants to put a stop to sexual harrassment.

For Yanti, a 22-year-old student in Jakarta, the women-only carriages are part, but not all of the solution.

"Sometimes on the train there are men who bump and push into us on purpose, and they take advantage of the cramped conditions on the trains.

"But there must be other ways to stop sexual harassment. We have to try and raise awareness about the issue as well," she says.

The service has been introduced on the busy Jakarta to Bogor route and the train operator says it will launch more women-only carriages if the experiment is effective.