Likely N Korea successor Kim Jong-un appears in public

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Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-il appeared before ecstatic crowds in state TV footage

The man expected to be the next leader of North Korea has appeared in front of the world's media for the first time.

Kim Jong-un went to an outdoor performance in Pyongyang with the current leader, his father Kim Jong-il. They were greeted by an ecstatic crowd.

The younger Mr Kim was given senior leadership positions only last month.

On Sunday, North Korea will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party with a massive parade on the capital's streets.

Officials say they will be biggest of their kind in the nation's history.

Ahead of the anniversary, the younger Mr Kim appeared sitting next to his father at a performance of the Arirang Games in Pyongyang.

He was was made a four-star general, and given senior positions in the government and the Workers' Party, at a rare party conference.

Many analysts say this means he is in line to succeed his father, who is thought to be in poor health.

His appearance at these games, in front of an invited group of foreign journalists, seems to suggest that he will be the country's next leader.